The 2 B’s: Blogapalooza and the Browns

by Kisha on November 9, 2010 // 1 Comment

Where do I begin?

This weekend was by far, one of the busiest I’ve had all year. Except for maybe when I have to work a soccer game then a football game at the stadium, then it becomes a little tiring. I guess we can start in the order of which the events occurred.

SATURDAY: Boston Sports Blogapalooza II – Boston, MA

Man, this event is probably one of my favorite things to attend. Thanks to the hard work and diligence of Mr. Joe Gill, this event has transformed from a small networking event in May to THE sports blogging event of the New England area.  When the first ever Blogapalooza happened in May, it was truly my first experience in networking and actually putting a face to many of the blogs that I read on a daily basis.  Needless to say, I was pretty nervous to see exactly how I compare to some of the bigger names.

I networked my butt off with everyone from Ian of The Rap Sheet of the Boston Herald to Ian Logue of the huge site Unfortunately, due to  some prior engagements neither of the Ian’s were able to make it to the event. Fret not, there were some other pretty big names that were present at the Blogapalooza II event. I met Robert Hyldburg Jr., the author of “Total Patriots” ( a book that I use way too often when writing articles for Patriots Insider).  It was pretty incredible to speak with him on some the specifics of how the book came into existence and also reminiscing about some Patriots history.

What more can a dedicated Patriots fan/aspiring sports writer ask for?

Oh, but there was even more awesomeness to come from this event.

There are a group of dedicated Patriots people on twittter that I have often had the pleasure of being associated with. These people are some of the most interesting, hilarious and coolest football tweeps on the twitter and it’s not too often that I get a chance to meet them in person and talk about the one thing that has brought us together: Patriots Football.

One of these individuals trekked all the way from the west coast to network with some Boston’s best. Mike Dussault, or known to most of Patriots Nation as @PatsPropaganda ( If you haven’t already, please check out Mike’s work.  He has some of the most in-depth and educational analysis on the Patriots. Just looking through his site, you’ll see that his dedication to the Pats run deep. Not to mention, he’s a pretty hilarious guy to have a beer with. So here’s my shout out to Mike — Thanks for keeping me company during my solo appearance at the Baseball Tavern.

I also have to mention a quick shout out to Erik Fenz for also chatting with me for a bit on the awesomeness and challenges in covering a team like the Patriots. Check our Erik’s work on the Bleacher Report.

Oh by the way, did I mention that I had the honor of sharing a panel discussion with Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald of Townie News and Mike? Yeah, it was pretty sweet. Here’s a screen shot of some footage from Comcast Sports, who was a major sponsor of the event. So

Thanks again to Joe Gill for all his hard work and dedication to making networking for us sports bloggers a teeny bit easier (and cooler). :)

Oh this is for real folks.

SUNDAY: Patriots v Browns

This was a nasty, dirty, left-a-bad-taste-in-my-mouth type of game. I found myself sitting on my couch wondering when the Patriots were finally going to decide to start playing some real football. I felt even sillier because I blatantly called out Browns’ rookie quarterback as dubbing this another loss before the game even started. It was tough to have to swallow my pride on that one. Sorry Colt McCoy, my b. I guess you are the real McCoy. Ok, that was terrible.

Here’s my newest article on Patriots Insider.  Check it out for more in-depth analysis.

Kisha’s Korner: Hillis Rolls Over the Patriots

Here’s what it came down to:

The Patriots offense never really decided to show up. This was not the type of game that Tom Brady should have  had to chuck 36 balls in the air in hopes that someone with considerable hands would catch it. It wasn’t that the Browns’ defensive was smothering them the way the Chargers did a few weeks ago, there were definitely open receivers. It boiled down to whether or not they were going to catch the ball or not. Out of 36 passes, only 19 were caught.  Colt McCoy only attempted 19 passes and completed 14. So who was the more productive quarterback?

Peyton Hillis, thanks for making a mockery of the Patriots run defense. No seriously. Thank you. I’m glad that they were exposed like this. This is a big issue that for some reason, the Patriots have gotten away with by limiting the productivity of the likes of Adrian Peterson and whoever is still with the Bills. The Browns were able to get 230 yards in rushing alone, the Patriots entire offense collected 283. ‘Nuff said.

Aaron Hernandez, on his own, gave the Patriots a smidgen of a chance of winning this game.  This rookie who has greatly improved in his after-catch running ability (am I right @Melhocking?) One of his touchdown catches was from a deflected catch directed for Rob Gronkowski (who was having a terrible, no good, rotten day). AH is currently the team’s top receiver with 34 catches for 436 yards.

Wes Welker had to come in as the substitute place kicker for Stephen Gostkowski as he was out with a thigh sprain. This was priceless. Who knew Welker was a left footed kicker?

Mad skillz yo.


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