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by Kisha on June 27, 2011 // 4 Comments

Beer, food, sports and bloggers. Doesn’t sound like a perfect way to spend a beautiful Saturday in Boston?

Hell yes.

For myself, the trip was a familiar one. The only difference was that before, I’d either go with a sports fan friend or fly solo. This time around, I had Ryan and I was ready to show him the awesomeness that is Blogapalooza III.

For those of you have continued to read my blog and still haven’t made your way to any of the  last three Blogapaloozas, you’re seriously missing out. Yours truly is now 3/3 and I’ve learned something new every time.

I can’t emphasize this enough when I say that the stigma that sports bloggers have about being a bunch of wickedly burly guys who live in their parents’ basement is completely true. I mean some of the guys are rather burly (@ErikFrenz tries but it’s not at maximum burly-ness hehe) but you’d be surprised at the type of people you see at an event such as Blogapalooza.

I think I said to just about everyone when I walked in to West Side Johnnies (on Portland St in Boston, not Porter St. Don’t those two streets mixed up like I did or else you’ll get stuck in a bad part of Boston and most likely get stuck waiting for the bridge to go down. ) that it was an EXCEPTIONAL place to have an event like Blogapalooza.

Huge glass windows, a beautiful mahogany (?) bar and they had Guinness on tap, which is pretty much a thumbs up in my book.


Welcome to Blogapalooza III

Do you see that fancy pants open kitchen in the background? Yeah, pretty classy right?

As I’ve set the ambiance for you, let’s get down to business of Blogapalooza. I’ll tell you this, when I attended my first one about two years ago, I was wide-eyed Patriots blogger with a few decent articles on and I was one a mission to make everyone read my blog. Not even kidding,  I talked to everyone and anyone who wanted to listen to me prove that I was “legit”.

Flash forward to Blogapalooza III and I spent the majority of the time meeting people that I have been interacting with on twitter for over six months. My good friends @choley and @fangsbites are perfect examples of this. I’ve been sharing my daily thoughts on twitter with over 800 followers so every once in awhile, it’s nice to put faces to the twitter names.

Some of my favorite Blogapalooza vets! Thanks Mike and Bob :)

Not to say that I didn’t do some more networking but I’ve grown to realize that there is an unspoken respect for each other in the world of bloggers, especially for sports bloggers. To go even further, I have loads of respect for female sports bloggers. @SoxyLady @SportsgirlKat and @Bos_SportsWoman are some of my heroes. They pride themselves in strong content without any of what I call “pink fluff”.


Events like Blogapalooza, I wait for all year. It’s like a yearly party you have with all your friends. These guys and girls love sports.

Not to mention, these are the people who are blogging and writing for the love of it. Not because it pays a lot or that it’s easy (I’ve had this blog for years and I still feel like it has so much more to accomplish) these are the people that have full time jobs and then try to rush home to blog.

I was lucky enough that Ryan agreed to go with me but I suggest going by yourself next time and really put yourself out there to make friends and make connections. Blogapalooza is the breeding ground for this kind of stuff.

I met some great people (@supercel, @russ_goldman and got to catch up with some of my favorite people on twitter (@ianlogue, @patsfans, @mikeriley54)

And if you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to meet someone you kinda sorta admire.

Yes sir, that is @AlbertBreer from the NFL Network :)

Yeah, it was pretty sweet to meet him and he gracious enough to snap a pic with me.

It did kinda bum me out that I couldn’t speak on the Patriots Panel because of a previous commitment but I don’t think people minded that it was Breer who took my spot. Womp womp.

The best part about my afternoon at Blogapalooza? An impromptu tour of the WHDH studios (Channel 7 Boston) by the lovely Courtney Fallon (@fallon87) as she was about to start her day at work. So glad that she was able to stop by Blogapalooza (did I mention that we were also twitter friends before we actually met on Saturday?)

Do you sense a pattern here? :)

Thanks to the endless efforts of the one and only Joe Gill for coming up with Blogapalooza. You are truly Papa Palooza.


Btw, if I forgot to mention you in this post I apologize. I really loved meeting and chatting sports with all of you.



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