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Reaction videos are one of the great wonders of the internets and this was just the most perfect things to watch after the Super Bowl. So much awesomeness from the Patriots fans and of course, so much pure sadness from the Seahawks fans.

I wanted to write this post days ago but with the crazy snow storm that dropped another 8 inches of snow on top of the 2 ft we got from blizzard, caring for two pups, and going to work, it was tough to find time to sit and get this post done.

Through the magic of GIFs, I’ve found that┬átruly sums up the entire game. Brady is jumping like a kid who just got an N64 on Christmas Day.

Super Bowl XLIX

I’ll be honest, I was nervous. VERY nervous. At the end of the fourth quarter, after a super-unlikely-unless-you-were-playing-Madden catch, things were starting to look too familiar. I held my breath. I knew that if the Seahawks were THAT close to the end zone and they decided to go Beast Mode, that would be it for New England. I was already mentally preparing for an depressing Monday filled with shoveling and Super Bowl what if conversations.

“What if Brady didn’t throw 2 interceptions?”
“Why don’t we have more awesome running backs?”
“Can we do more trick plays? Yeah, trick plays would’ve won the game.”

…And then it happened. Some kid names Butler appeared, almost magically, at the right place and at the most perfect time EVER.

Butler's Super Bowl winning interception - Imgur

I almost feel bad for the Seahawks. This play is the stuff made of nightmares. Why didn’t Russell Wilson call an audible and give it to Marshawn Lynch knowing that this is the situation he was built for. A goal line drive with less than a minute left on the clock TO WIN THE FREAKIN’ SUPER BOWL. Yes, you put it in the hands of the best running back in the league. For the love of all things football, the guy has his own mode!

As a Patriots fan, I think the pass was the best and smartest play Pete Carroll ever came up with. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

Gah. I still get all giddy just thinking about the end of the game.

Bravo, Patriots. Thank you for an crazy awesome season for giving Patriots Nation something to smile about through this awful, snow-filled winter.

Go on Gronk, you get your party on.

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