Necessary Eats – Failed It: Crack Pie

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Everyone has failures right?  The recipe I attempted was long, intricate and required a lot of attention. I will say, I was distracted. Heck, I was baking in between shoveling the snow thanks to Winter Storm Juno. At least Rossi and Mochi enjoyed the snow.

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Here’s the visual evidence: Momofuku’s Crack Pie (see photo on the left).

But what really happened was Kisha’s Crap Pie (see photo on the right). As you can see, instead of a tasty center, I got a pie filled with caramel…or something. Ugh.

FailedIt- Crack Pie

Listen, I’ve always struggled with baking. I went through all of culinary school and aced all of my cooking classes and even did well in my bread courses! For some reason though, anytime I try to make a dish that requires exact measurements and a lot of time, I fail it. BIG TIME.

So, in an effort to keep track of my past errors, I figured I’d add it to the blog as Necessary Eats – Failed It. Yay.

With this dish specifically, here’s where I think I went wrong:

Too Much Filling

  • The recipe I was following  was meant for 2 pies. I, on the other hand thought I could squeeze it into on extra large pie crust. My logic was, “The filling is the best part! Can’t have too much of a good thing right?” Yeah, I was mistaken. See, the pie’s most notable characteristic is that dense, gooey center (see the image at the top of the post). I will say, there was a part close to the top of the pie that had some remnants of the real Crack Pie…and I picked at the part as much as I could! Pure sugary deliciousness.

Not Paying Attention

  • There was 2+ ft of snow on the ground outside my door waiting to be shoveled (and more coming down by the hour), the two puppies were running around the house, and I was responding to a few work emails. This recipe required exact temperature adjustments and monitoring and honestly…

Rushing “The Process”

  • I took on one of the hardest recipes from Momofoku’s creations. Guys, they charge $44 for an entire pie of this stuff. If I thought I’d get away with trying to make something that pastry chef Christina Tosi has spent years perfecting in less than an hour, I was bound for failure. I did everything you’re not supposed to do with baking:
    • Turned up the heat
    • Kept opening the oven door
    • Poking it way too often

At the end of it all, I had to through it all out. The consistency was gross and there was just too much of the gooey part in comparison to the cooked crumbly parts.

I will try this recipe again though. I refuse to be a quitter. I just won’t be making this for my Super Bowl Party this weekend. Womp womp.

True story: During my early days in culinary school, I once bought 2 dozen eggs and spent an entire night perfecting a hollandaise sauce. (Think this is easy? Try it for yourself with this recipe.)

Coming Friday: Necessary Roughness with Kisha’s Official Super Bowl Preview!

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