Late to the #Deflategate Party

by Kisha on January 24, 2015 // 0 Comments

ESPN’s Sports Science examines in #DeflateGate…and they proved that the deflated balls had no effect on the outcome of the Patriots’ victory over the Colts.

Cool. Hey, so why did ESPN remove this video from their website? (H/T to Masshole Sports)

I mean, if there was scientific proof that DeflateGate was not a real thing, what else would ESPN talk about until the Super Bowl?! I guess debating as to whether or not Tom Brady will retire after this Super Bowl gets old after awhile. OH! There’s always the Tuck Rule!

Here’s my take on Deflate Gate:

  • Everyone hates the Patriots. EVERYONE. Why? Who knows. Fans of other teams hate when you’re decent to s Super Bowl caliber team all the time – regardless of the questionable draft picks. So obviously, when the blame can be placed on the fact the reason why the Patriots are good/succeeding is because they “cheated”, everyone looking for a reason will believe it…tweet it…and text me about it.

  • If this wasn’t the big story leading up to the Super Bowl, what else would everyone be talking about?! Here are my ideas of not-as exciting topics:
    • Tom Brady’s retirement
    • BB’s hoodie choice for the big game (sleeves or no sleeves?!)
    • Will Julien Edelman get to pass the ball again?
    • How many times will Nate Solder be targeted by Brady?
    • Will the Gronk Party bus be allowed into the University of Phoenix Stadium parking lot?
    • Revis Island? 
    • Pro Bowl lineup
    • Super Bowl winners based on the picks of ANIMALS?

Yeah, so none of that is nearly as exciting as Deflate Gate.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in the allegations, one this is for sure, there is nothing like when the Patriots are in the Super Bowl.

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