Tom Brady goes, “Wah wah wah” all the way home…

by Kisha on September 15, 2013 // 0 Comments

Tom Brady is a huge brat.

Tom Brady Jets Freak Out

I’m allowed to say that right?

Wes Welker Broncos

I watched as Wes Welker left New England and made his way to Denver and while Danny Amendola seemed like a promising replacement, his fragile past loomed. Fast forward and Amendola is now on the sidelines with am abductor muscle injury and the timing of his return is unknown. As it seems, Brady’s arsenal was dwindling.

And that’s part of the reason why Thursday night was such a messy victory.

It was one of those victories that made you feel meh at the end.

The kind of win that when someone wants to talk about the game the following day, the conversation is filled with more complaints than praises.

The 13-10 victory against the New York Jets on Thursday night was THAT game .

The Patriots are a young team and with that, comes a lot of growth. Based on Brady’s tantrum during the game, it doesn’t seem like he has a grasp on just how much growth the team really needs.

Tom Brady is one hell of a quarterback.

I recently heard someone describe him as the type of QB that, makes decent players good, good players great and turns great players into Hall of Famers. 

Makes sense, right? However, this does NOT mean that he is unable to act like a brat.

Throughout his career in New England, he’s been surrounded by immensely talented players that only get better as the season goes on. Even if a rookie came in and struggled, there was always a veteran receiver or a Gronk to pick up the slack. These days, there is no Gronk but there is A LOT of rookies.

Rookies will run the wrong routes, be a few seconds behind and of course, drop balls. Rookies make mistakes and that’s just the nature of all sports. Brady’s reaction to his rookies’ struggles on Thursday was so frustrating for me to watch. I’ve seen other QB’s go through this year after year and it never gets better. Some teams have to deal not just rookies, but bad ownership and bad coaching. Brady doesn’t have to worry about this.

All Brady needs to do is wait, teach and be a good team leader.

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