October 14, 2008

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So I just found out about this awesome song called “I’m Gone, I’m Going” by this Irish girl named Lesley Roy. Gahh, like I needed another Irish thing to love other than Guinness 🙂

Did anyone see that Browns and Giants game Monday night?!? Oh geez, my anti-Giants prayers were answered so beautifully. I’m sorry, I totally love the face Eli makes when he throws an interception. I think he’s gonna get grounded when he gets back home to Papa Manning. Oh and how lovable is Braylon Edwards? He seemed like such a nice guy in the post game interview. I kinda wanna buy him a beer. Way to go to Derek Anderson for shutting me up about Brady Quinn being the better starter for the Browns, I’ll definitely swallow my pride on that. So a few of my good friends are going to see the Denver and New England game next Monday..and I will be stuck in Providence, most likely at McFaddens with my lovely Erica watching the game. I am set on going to a ONE home game this season…if someone wants to donate or even sell me a Pats ticket ..I’d love you forever.. even if it is to the Rams game. I’m a Torry Holt fan..and plus Marc Bulger is kinda cool..I guess.

Hmm.. so what is else is going on in sports..
So Shaun Alexander has signed with the Redskins. Good for him..except he’s a back up. How’s that for a slap in the face? I need to find that jerk who I had a class with last trimester who gave me a speech on how Shaun Alexander is like Barry Sanders. Jesus. This is also the same kid who didn’t understand the purpose of having primaries for the presidential election. I literally had to explain to him that not having primaries is like trying to find the Super Bowl champ by having all 32 teams play on a field at the same time..with one ball. Haha. That was a pretty funny day.

Sports Illustrated took a poll and came to the conclusion that Philip Rivers is the most overrated QB. You know, I would really have to agree. Given that they did just annihilate my team this past Sunday. Grr. I’m still really pissed about that freaking game. You know what? Maybe I deserve to have my guys lose after making fun of Baltimore and Oakland.. ugh. Ok quick rant about the Pats:
I’ll be the first to tell you that I am a die hard fan, in fact I’ve loved the team for years now..but honestly, I could never trust Tom Brady. I also knew that there was a chance that he wasn’t as clutch as he could be..which of course explains…wait for it…that thing people call a loss in the Super Bowl. Ugh *vomit* I was definitely one of the fans that cherish every single win (hell, I’m also a Houston Texans fan..soo lovable). I’m not spoiled or anything like that but give me a break, WHAT THE HELL WAS MATT CASSEL DOING??! Did he think that he magically knew how to be an amazing quarterback? The only time I’ve seen someone scramble more was in the kitchen of the IHOP after my senior prom in high school. I’m all for this whole rebuilding story but come on, its fundamentals:
1. Yell out some randon audible that only your team understands
2. Place hands under the Center
3. Yell “HIKE”
4. DROP BACK into the POCKET
6. Throw to someone who is one of the following:
–A WR, TE or RB
–The grass if you’re spiking.

Can someone please forward this to the Pats Offensive Coordinator?

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