December 8, 2008

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Wow, so talk about a crazy response to the prior post. It was good to see that people didn’t see me as a freak of nature for being that obsessed with sports. So it’s a whole new week and whole new set of things that have puzzled me to say the least. Here’s round 2:

How freakin’ awesome my fantasy team is doing
Ok, I’m really not one to brag but ARE YOU FOR REAL?!?! I am on a 12 win steak ( would’ve been 13 but I didn’t count the first week) with 1,155 total points so far. To be honest, I really don’t know why. Here’s my depth chart:

QB: Tony Romo, Chad Pennington
WR: Eddie Royal, Steve Smith, Greg Jennings, Kevin Walter (wtf? yeah I know)
RB: Michael Turner, Frank Gore, Marion Barber
TE: Jason Witten, Bo Scaife
K: Mason Crosby, Phil Dawson
DEF: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia

I’m seriously wondering how I’ve made it this far with having 2 weeks of Romo being injured and having a Houston Texan as one of my wide receivers. There are some pretty legitimate competition in my league, but ironically, my little brother is 4-8 and told him that he was ruining the family name. haha. I don’t think it’s luck because on Romo’s 2 week vacation, I picked up Kyle Orton and he decided that he was going to be a legitimate QB and did well. Who knows, maybe I’m actually pretty decent at this thing. If only I can get my NCAA Tournament bracket to look this sexxy, maybe I can get more free burgers and fries at City Burger.

The Hot Mess known as the BCS
Fact: I am a die hard anything-Texas fan. Fact: That being said, I hate OU. Fact: I still think that the BCS has a place in college football. WHAT?!?! Yup, that’s right folks, I still feel like there is a legitimate purpose for the BCS system in college football. I have had this argument with everyone from my siblings, to random people at bars, to older men who I’ve had to sit next to on a plane for a 4 hour flight to Texas. Look people, I’m not going to make any arguments you haven’t heard of before: There are just way too many good teams in way too many conferences to really have a playoff process in place. Plus the BCS is compiled of polls and is formulated through a very distinct scientific formula that we mere mortals cannot figure out. If you can legitimately come up with a better system, I’m down to argue with you. There are a lot of things about it that I don’t like, but I think that it serves it’s purpose for the most part. With colleges knowing what this system is based on, why not focus on those factors from the start of the season? I hate watching teams be at the mercy of the win-lose record of others.
If Barack Obama said one thing that I didn’t agree with is that he thinks that we should have playoffs in the college football. Not gonna lie, I briefly (very briefly) reconsidered my vote. 🙂

Read this article if you’re saying “WTF is the BCS and why is Texas(AWESOME) not playing for the title?”

Manny Pacquiao annihilates Oscar De La Hoya
Called it. Now for all you people that were lucky enough to view the fight, I hope that you Tivo’d it so I can watch it. I, unfortunately had prior engagements. First of all, Manny was totally sporting a Celtics shirt in one of the documentaries which is pretty baller. Secondly, any guy that brings pride to the Philippines is a favorite of mine. Apparently Manny’s win had raised the morale of Filipinos during their own economic downturn. Come on, seriously? Can Mexico really say that their political troubles would experience a positive resolution on key issues if Oscar De La Hoya won? Don’t think so. So there it is: Manny Pacquiao winning that match could have inadvertently improved the future of the economy for the Philippines. Thanks, Pac-Man.

WTF is going on with the AFC EAST?!?!!
Is anyone on edge every Thursday, Sunday and Monday? Because I definitely am. It’s bad enough as a Pats fan that I’ve gotten used to this thing called “losing” now, I have to sit in anticipation to see if my boys can make it to the playoffs?!!? What? Where am I? Seattle in 2004? This a really uncomfortable place to be in, I mean, what if we don’t make the playoffs? What am I supposed to do? Pretend to be a Titans fan like everyone else in the country? Ugh, please don’t let any of the Mannings make it to the Super Bowl again..and if they do, can the team they’re playing please beat them so badly that their fans start to feel the way they did 3 season ago when they weren’t considered a threat? Ok, that might be a little harsh, but I’ve heard people say some pretty ruthless things about the Pats so let’s just call it even.

Alright, there you are folks. Enjoy.

I had about 2 cups of coffee and 12 hours of sleep before I wrote this…I really should do this at a more appropriate time.

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