December 3, 2008

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There have been way too many things in sports lately that has really got me going WTF? more often than usual. So I’ve decided to compile a list to just get it out of my system.

Plaxico Burress Suspended
THANK YOU! Beyond the fact that I am a die-hard Giants hater, this type of behavior is completely unacceptable. Its funny because I remember saying during the Super Bowl, “Hmm, that Burress character, I think he may be the only one I like on the Giants team.” Wrong. This is a perfect example of a time where your performance on the field is completely overshadowed by your stupid behavior off the field. So the Giants coaching staff got 2 things right this season:
Getting rid of Jeremy Shockey and now suspending Plaxico for the rest of the season. I really want someone to just lay out Eli Manning so David Carr can step in and sabotage the team with his awful QB skills.
Here’s another thing that has been I’ve been secretly thinking in my head every time I see Tom Coughlin on television: Can someone please get this guy some moisturizer? His face looks like its going to shrivel up and curl off of his head.

Michael Vick Comeback
To all you people out there calling the Pats cheaters and unethical for filming the Jets games, please stop and realize that there are bigger issues in this world. You want to see unethical? Look to this former Virgina Tech QB. If Michael Vick even has the slightest chance of playing professional football again, I might just have to punch Roger Goodell in the face. Vick is not a good enough QB to overlook everything he’s done to those dogs. In fact, no QB is good enough to overlook that.

There’s this great bit that comedian Daniel Tosh does about Mick Vick’s situation.

OMG, one of my favorite segments on Weekend Update: Really? Michael Vick

Oscar De La Hoya Vs. Manny Pacquiao
I’m really not much of a boxing fan but I just remember De La Hoya’s embarrassing and short-lived “music career” and since than I haven’t been able to take him seriously..until now. I’ve been watching the mini documentaries HBO has been doing to promote the fights and I’m starting to get really excited about the fight. Both De La Hoya and Pacquiao (Who’s Filipino, might I add) look ready to put on a really good show. Now I just need to find someone who has pay-per-view so I can watch Manny represent for all the Filipinos 🙂 I wonder if Manny had a giant roasted pig for Thanksgiving too. haha

The QB situation (or lack of) in Cleveland

What a crappy turn of events! I’m really feeling for this team. First Cleveland hands the Giants their only loss with Derek Anderson at QB. Then Brady Quinn finally earns a starting position and got his first win against Buffalo and then fractures his finger the following week against Houston. As Quinn is getting MRIs on his finger, Anderson starts against the Colts and sprains his MCL mid-game and the Browns are forced to put in 3rd string Ken Dorsey, the 6th year veteran hasn’t started a game since 2005. What did the Browns ever do to anger the football gods? Oh and not to mention Kellen Winslow is out with a high ankle sprain. At least they still have the ever-so-awesome Braylon Edwards. Now if only Dorsey can play the role of average QB and complete simple, clean passes.
Oh on a side note, I totally think that I saw Braylon at the airport in Cleveland when I was flying home for Thanksgiving break. As my brother said, “Asking for an autograph can only bring 2 good things:
1. I make the guy’s day by comparing him to the top wide out for the Browns or

hahah, my brother is by far, the funniest guy I know.

That’s about it for now…they’ll be more to come later!
Have a good day everyone!

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