December 21, 2008

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I’m finally back in Texas for the Christmas break and I’ve already jammed on Guitar Hero: World Tour with my brother and dad for at leas 6 hours in the last 2 days. Somewhere in between that, I manged to watch the spanking the Cowboys got from the HIGH DEFINITION. Seriously folks, this is why I love being home.

SIDE NOTE: Upon looking at some other people’s notes on here, I came across one that looked a little too similar to the past one that I wrote. Listen dude, it’s cool and all that you feel inspired to write about sports, in fact I’m all for it. Just for future reference, try and write about other headlines..and if you are going to write about the EXACT SAME TOPICS, at least take them out of the order that mine are so it isn’t too obvious. K. Thanks 🙂

How scary is the Baltimore Ravens Defense?!
Thank God a family friend had a 70 inch high definition TV with the NFL Network. For anyone who missed tonight’s game between the Cowboys and Ravens, you missed one of the craziest games this season. I know that this was the last game in Texas Stadium, but damn, the Ravens really gave them a reason to move to another stadium. Tony Romo, I hope you know that if you ever play in a game where, AT ANY POINT, you passer rating is a lower number than your age, its not going to be a good game. For god sakes, at one point his rating was 16.7. What’s that for? Putting your helmet on the right way? That’s like getting an automatic 200 points on the SAT for putting your name on it. I won’t say you completely blew the game, Tony. I mean you did try to keep up with Joe Flacco and his rookie awesomeness, but in the end, a WR who was literally playing with one arm, out-caught and out-ran your unbelievably stacked offense. Ray Lewis, if I have nightmares the next few nights, it will be because of you. He looks like he would eat my soul. So bravo Baltimore, thanks for instilling the fear in me like you did in 2005.

Wes Welker Gives Me Hope
That is a direct quote from my 5’4 wide receiver little brother. Sorry Niko, but there aren’t many Filipino pro bowl Wide Receivers. Actually, if any of y’all can find me a WR who is Filipino and is any good that would be fantastic. My brother did get something right though, Wes Welker is freakin’ amazing, he is my hero. I’m convinced that if it was possible, he should’ve gotten the MVP award during last year’s Crapper Bowl, not Eli. Needless to say, I almost threw a party when I found out he made it to the Pro Bowl. So this brings up the Pro Bowl selections and how I quasi agree with them. It does make me pretty happy that 2 of the players on my fantasy team made it:
– Jason Witten
– Michael Turner
Both of which were surprise performers. P.S. It sickens me to think that both Mannings made it to the Pro Bowl. Really?! *Vomit*
Does anyone know anyone that knows Wes Welker? I’m serious, I really want to meet him so I can tell him how pimptacular he is.

Lions are the #1 losers..woot woot?
I feel for this team, I won’t deny the fact that I’ve been one of those football fans that have often thought, “Well at least I’m not a Lions fan.” But now, it has just become a massive tragedy. I really feel for this team. I talked to my friend Steve today, who’s a Bucs fan, and he seemed to be pretty happy that they were winless this season, “at least it takes the pressure from the 1976 Buccaneers.” I agree, 0-15 is a pretty sad record. You can see it in Roy Williams’ face when he played last night. It looked like it was the first time he played for a cheering crowd in such a long time. I mean, every time Romo even breathed in his direction, he got wicked anxious, it was adorable. Pass the ball to him Tony, at least you know he won’t drop it 🙂

Ok Eli, I believe that you actually went through puberty
So I’m sitting here watching the Panthers and Giants game (partly because I need Steve Smith to get 500 yds and 45 TD’s to win the championship game in fantasy football against Derek..grrr.) and they quickly cut to a close up of Eli’s face and low and behold: Baby Manning is trying to grow a mustache! It’s so funny, I feel like he’s trying to prove to everyone that he’s a grown up. It made me laugh for a good 3 minutes. Jeff Davidson, as the offensive coordinator of the Panthers, I ask you one thing: Can you please pass he ball to Steve Smith?! Please. Do not let me have an undefeated fantasy season just to take it all away from me in the championship game 🙁
*DEREK: If you do, by some miracle beat me this week, it was a very exciting season…jerk. 🙂

I hope everyone is having an awesome break! Enjoy the Bowl games and this wicked exciting season.
I realize that this post is all about football, but the season is almost over so I’m trying to get as much as I can out of it. So forgive me.. 🙂

Brandon December 30, 2008 at 12:40 pm

First one to comment on your website,
yet another cherry to add to my list.

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