December 13, 2008

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It’s a Saturday night and I’m sitting in Xavier Auditorium listening to Beyonce radio on Pandora and reading up on current events.  There were a few things that happened in sports this week that made me want to flip several tables over. I’m serious. Just ask Erica about it. So begins another post.. and p.s., I’m working on my own sports blog site. Let me know if you’d be interested in reading it…it’s going to be pretty baller 🙂

Hi, we’re the New York Yankees and we don’t know what overspending on a ridiculous contract means.
OH.MY.GOD. This is by far the most, well one of the most, ridiculous things I’ve heard of. CC Sabathia, your pitches better be so breathtaking that it makes unicorns dance and Josh Groban cry for you to be worth $160 million. They also gave the option of buying out of his contract?!?! Really?! Yankees, how much money do you have to be able to throw it around like this? And if you do have some extra cash, can I borrow some so I can buy a Astros tractor like Roy Oswalt? I understand the facts that if you have the money to spend on a ridiculous salary, than you may feel the urge to do so, but have some respect for the rest of the country. Every other sport is reacting to this crappy economy, but then you have New York waving their non-existent budget around like a girl on Flavor of Love whose time isn’t up. As a professional sports organization, you have the responsibility to society and fans OF THE SPORT (not just the team) to show some concern to the rest of the world. What about the Padres? Give them like a fraction of CC’s contract and at least they’ll be able to water their field. Then you go and have A.J. Burnett signing for 5 years and $82.5 million. This is completely mind-blowing. Can someone please explain this to me and why this is happening?

T.O. to Romo : “Is there something coming between us?”
Yeah there is, and he is doing wonders for my fantasy team. Terrell Owens, you really need to pump the breaks on the drama. I know it may seem like Romo doesn’t pass it to you but its because every team is doing triple coverage on you and they haven’t figured out who Jason Witten is. Stop your bitchin’ and just perform. Jason Witten is averaging 4.4 yards after catch and Owens is at 4.3. There’s your answer T.O., Witten 0.1 yards better than you. Tony Romo isn’t saying anything about this situation which makes it look even worse to Owens. I wonder if T.O. put on his Facebook than him and Tony are in “complicated relationship” because of all this. Ok, Sportscenter I really do love watching you all the time you guys are covering this whole issue way too much. I really don’t want to know that the whole Defensive line agrees with Terrell Owens. It should just be mentioned once and then that’s it..I don’t really want to know Van Pelt’s scientific explanation for why T.O. acting like this. Just get your act together Dallas and start prepping for your game against the Giants. This will be the only day I cheer for you to win, so make it count.

Ok, this has nothing to do with sports but still pretty awesome: the trailer for X-men Origins: Wolverine
Whenever you get the chance, please Youtube this. My brother told me about it today and I almost fell off my chair. This is the HUUUGE dork coming out right now, but I love Xmen movies. It makes me so happy when I see all the characters that I like making a kickass appearance and doing something awesome (like Marrow in XMen 3 throwing daggers at Wolverine!). This is going to be a spoiler for the preview so stop reading if you want to experience it for yourself. Sooo as the preview was going, a scene pops up and all you see are cards flying everywhere and this badass of a guy swirling his staff around like Gandalf from LOTR..guess who it was?!?! GAMBIT. Yes, my crush as 7 yr old is finally going to be in an XMan movie. I can’t wait for this movie to come out..too bad I have to wait till May 🙁 I’ll probably be there at the midnight showing dressed up as Rogue…JUST KIDDING. Can you imagine? hahah

Alright, back to sports 🙂

Joey Porter needs shut his face..STAT
First he wants Michael Vick to play football again and now he’s saying that pro football players have the right bear arms. Shut up dude. Ok, this is what an entourage is for, have them carry your guns. It’ll probably be easier and faster for them to get their licenses anyway since they probably aren’t professional athletes. Look Joey, you may be leading the league in sacks but that doesn’t give you the right to try and change federal legislation about gun ownership. I know Plaxico is like your BFF but don’t try to defend his stupidity. Life can’t be that hard for multi-year, multi-million dollar contract Super Bowl winning wide receiver, give me a break.

And the Heisman should have gone to….. Colt McCoy
My campaign for Colt McCoy as the Heisman winner has come to a sad, sad ending tonight. The 2008 Heisman Trophy went to Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and his “amazing numbers”. Here’s an excerpt from a Yahoo! article:

It was the closest vote between the top two since Nebraska’s Eric Crouch edged Florida’s Rex Grossman by 62 points in 2001. The only other time the margin between first and third was smaller was also ‘01, when Miami’s Ken Dorsey was 142 points behind Crouch.

Key names in this snippet? Rex Grossman (wasn’t he in the Super Bowl or something?) and Ken Dorsey (What coach? I have to be the starting QB now for the Browns? Crap.) Who knows, maybe Bradford will have a crappy career too and Colt McCoy will be the savior that is needed in the Detroit Lions.

That’s it for now peeps.

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