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GUYS. IT HAPPENED AND IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES I HAVE EVER WATCHED. Reaction videos are one of the great wonders of the internets and this was just the most perfect things to watch after the Super Bowl. So much awesomeness from the Patriots fans and of course, so much pure sadness from the Seahawks fans. I wanted to write this post days ago but with the crazy snow storm that dropped another 8 inches of snow on top of the 2 ft we got from blizzard, caring for two pups, and going to work, it was tough to find time to sit and get this post done. Through the magic of GIFs, I've found that truly sums up the entire game. Brady is jumping like a kid who just got an N64 on Christmas Day. I'll be honest, I was nervous. VERY nervous. At the end of the fourth quarter, after a super-unlikely-unless-you-were-playing-Madden catch, things were starting to look too familiar. I held my breath. I knew that if the Seahawks were THAT close to the end zone and they decided to go Beast Mode, that would be it for New England. I was already mentally preparing for an depressing Monday filled with shoveling and Super Bowl what if conversations. "What if READ MORE READ MORE


Oh come on. You all know I am a MASSIVE Patriots fan. Not only did I cover them for Scout's Patriots Insider, I was also once MyPatsFans' Patriots Fan of the Week. I was pretty proud of this accomplishment. It got me a sweet "Kiss Me, I'm a Pats Fan" shirt. Awesome right? Needless to say, it's been a pretty awesome/frustrating few years as a Patriots fan. We've had our ups, "Yay we made it to the Super Bowl!" and downs, "Oh crap, we lost to the Giants. TWICE." But that was the past and now, we are less than two days away from ANOTHER Patriots appearance in the Super Bowl. W00t. Now it's time for the predictions: The New England Patriots vs. The Seattle Seahawks Final Score: Patriots over Seahawks 27-21 (Ryan thinks it'll be a much higher scoring game and that it might even go into overtime, which would be awesome except I have to go to work on Monday). Here's my rationale...of course, comparing this game and the Patriots to the Die Hard series: If this game was part of the Die Hard series it would be "Die Hard With a Vengeance" and the Patriots would be John McClane You know what sucks worse than not making it to the Super Bowl? Making it to the Super READ MORE READ MORE


Necessary Eats – Failed It: Crack Pie

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Everyone has failures right?  The recipe I attempted was long, intricate and required a lot of attention. I will say, I was distracted. Heck, I was baking in between shoveling the snow thanks to Winter Storm Juno. At least Rossi and Mochi enjoyed the snow. His first blizzard wasn't too bad at all. #Mochi #blizzardof2015 — Kisha Tapangan (@KishaT) January 28, 2015 Here's the visual evidence: Momofuku's Crack Pie (see photo on the left). But what really happened was Kisha's Crap Pie (see photo on the right). As you can see, instead of a tasty center, I got a pie filled with caramel...or something. Ugh. Listen, I've always struggled with baking. I went through all of culinary school and aced all of my cooking classes and even did well in my bread courses! For some reason though, anytime I try to make a dish that requires exact measurements and a lot of time, I fail it. BIG TIME. So, in an effort to keep track of my past errors, I figured I'd add it to the blog as Necessary Eats - Failed It. Yay. With this dish specifically, here's where I think I went wrong: Too Much Filling The READ MORE READ MORE


Winter Storm Juno is HERE!

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A blizzard of potentially historical proportions is here, EVERYONE PANIC! For your enjoyment, check out my 14 week old puppy Mochi enjoying the snow for the first time.  Yeah, he's a cute little fluffy fart. He also hopped around the snow...and ate some of it...and peed. He also runs around the house playing with a rope ball and sounds like an Ewok doing so. It's pretty freakin' adorable. Sigh, the life of a pup. There is a massive blizzard that is making its way to the northeast and being located in Providence, RI, we're right in the middle of it all. After seven years of living in New England, I've seen my share of winter storms so I'm not too concerned (even though everyone's moms are apparently freaking out about it). We got a decent stash of bread, milk, Hershey Hugs, and mac and cheese. Since my office is closed tomorrow, I'll be home hanging out with Ryan (who is working from home), Rossi and Mochi. While there are some work-related things I need to do, it still leaves me a few hours to try some new things. And then, I came across this magical recipe: Crack Pie (h/t to Averie Cooks for this epic recipe!) Holy deliciousness. This READ MORE READ MORE